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About Group Orders

Thank you so much for your interest in our Group Orders and helping spread our message of "Get Comfortable with Difference!"
We frequently work with organizations, teams, and groups of individuals who want to order larger quantities of tees.  Ordering tees as a group will provide you with cost-savings as well as the ability to pick shirt styles and colors.
Below are the most frequently asked questions about Group Orders.  Each order is different, and we do our best to accommodate any special requests that we receive.   If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to email us at:
1)  How do Group Orders work?
Basically, you choose one of our existing designs and you place an order for a group of shirts.  Group orders are available for any mix of toddler through adult sizes of at least 25 shirts (we cannot mix infant shirts in group orders unless there are at least 25 infant shirts because they require separate set up and printing due to the difference in the size of the screens used to print them).  
We work with a commercial printer, and due to the extensive set up process, we cannot produce orders of less than 25 tees.  If you have 25 or more shirts (all must use the same design and same ink colors), then we can do a group order for you.  If you have fewer than 25 tees in your order, we will try our best to add your order to another batch to meet the minimum or we will try to supply them out of our inventory, but this may take longer.
2)  Can we add our own logo to the back of the shirt?
Yes, if you have a team or organization name that you would like to add to the tee,  you can, but it has to be on at least 25 of the shirts.  There is an additional cost for adding a logo or design, and it is based upon how many ink colors are in the design.  You must verify that you have permission to use the logo or design and that you are not violating anybody else's trademark or copyrights in providing the logo for printing.
3)  How long does it take to get our tees?
From the time that we receive the order, it generally takes 3-4 weeks for you to have them in your hands (assuming U.S. customers).  Printing generally takes about 2 weeks, and our tees are individually packaged by our local team of packagers, which takes an additional few days, then domestic shipping takes about 3-4 days.  (To learn more about our special packaging process, please visit our website).
4) Is there a discount for group orders?  
Yes - group order pricing is less than our retail pricing on the website.  The discount depends on the quantity and design.  (The biggest factors in price are:  t-shirt color, the number of ink colors, and the number of places on the tee that the shirts will be printed - i.e. front only or front and back).  The link below shows our most popular designs for group orders and the prices.  It also lists the cost to add your own logo to the other side of the shirt.
5)  Can we mix and match shirt colors and sizes?
Yes - you can mix and match t-shirt colors and sizes SO LONG as all tees that you pick can be printed with the same ink colors.  For most of our designs, we can use the same printing process for Toddler 2T through Adult 4XL, so as long as you have a total combination of 25 shirts, we can place your order as a group order.   Each job set up is based upon the ink, not the shirts - so if you can use the same color text and printing on all the tees, the tshirt colors can be interchanged.  An example of a batch that would NOT work is mixing white and black shirts because white ink will not show up on a white shirt and black ink will not show up on a black shirt.  But if you pick a red and a blue shirt, white ink will show up on either one, so this mix-and-match is acceptable.
6)  How do we place a group order?
Usually there is some back-and-forth for group orders, so we ask that you email us your group order:  Please include the following:
a)  Subject Line:  Group Order
b)  In the email, include:  1)  Which Design you are using, 2)  The sizes, colors, and quantities, 3)  The ink colors for the design, 4)  The firm "in-hand" date by which you need these tees, 5)  The shipping address, 6)  Contact Person for the order,  7)  Any special instructions
7)  How much is shipping?
Shipping depends on distance and weight.  We will do our best to estimate your shipping costs for you after you order.  Generally shipping works out to be $0.50 - $2.00 per shirt for domestic orders.  The closer you are to Dayton, Ohio, the lower your shipping costs, since all orders ship from Dayton.
8)  How do we pay?
After we receive your order, we will go through it carefully to ensure that we can get all of the items that you ordered and that there are no issues.  It takes us about 2-3 days to confirm everything with our printer and get your order on the schedule.  After we confirm that there are no issues, we will create an invoice electronically to send to you (usually 1 week to 10 days after you place your order).  You can pay via Paypal, credit card, or debit card.  We do our best to stay in communication with you to tell you the status of your order along the way.
9)  Is Reeve's Tees a non-profit organzation?
Reeve's Tees is NOT a non-profit organization.  We are a for-profit business set up in the state of Ohio.  A big part of our mission is providing paid and meaningful work to adults with Down syndrome in our local community and working with individuals who have special needs to provide them with vocational training opportunities.  We are set up as a for-profit business because we believe in the value that these individuals bring to the economy, and the value that they can provide to our business.  We are solely funded through revenue from our customers who believe in our mission and our products.  We do not take donations.  
If you are unfamiliar with our company, you can learn about our special packaging process on our website:
Each tee that you order will come individually and beautifully packaged by one of our Reeve's Tees packagers.  Each order will include a business card so that you know who did your packaging.
We use our profits from our group orders to grow our business and this part of our mission - creating employment opportunities - so through your order you are helping to provide work to these individuals and validating the important role that they play in the economy!
While we are not a non-profit, we do regularly donate a portion of our proceeds to various Down syndrome organizations or other non-profit organizations that help individuals with rare chromosomal conditions.  Each month we try to work with at least one organization for fundraising efforts.  The portion of profits that we donate varies from month to month.  For organizations that we partner with for special edition t-shirts, we generally donate 100% of our profits to that organization.  We also donate merchandise and cash to organizations the support research, advocacy, adoption, and empowerment for individuals with Down syndrome.
We thank you for your interest in our group orders and we can't wait to create and send you shirts that you will feel proud to wear!
Thanks for helping others "Get Comfortable with Difference!"